1.Who is eligible?
Any citizen of India above the age of 18 years is eligible to buy the farm house. Incase you need a loan you need to contact our bankers to find out your eligibility and other terms and conditions

2. How safe is the land I buy?
Since the entire project is being approved by D.C and BIAAPA ,and

Village Panchayat it is obvious that the land is safe. 
In case you need individual legal opinion the same can be obtained either through your lawyer or the lawyers who are in the approved panel of all Banks .

3. How safe is the money that I advance?
Since you are entering into an ‘Agreement-for-sale’ with GGF, your money is acknowledged through this agreement and GGF is contractually bound under Indian Contract Act, 1948’ to deliver to you the farm house within the stipulated time. For details of the draft agreement please contact us personally.
4. Is the property marketable?
Off course. After you pay the final installment the farm house will be registered in your name and a separate Khata Certificate will be issued in your name by the Village Panchayat which make you the bonafide owner and you can sell it in case you want to in the near future.
5. When will I get the actual possession of the farm house?
Refer to our ‘Agreement-for-sale’ which is clear on this aspect.
6. Maintenance -
Villa/Farm House: - The sweeping and swabbing of the interior portion of your home can be entrusted to us at a nominal cost or you can hire a local maidservant from the nearby village who can help you with your daily chores.
Garden -The garden area which is at the common area will be maintained by Team GGF. The Garden within your plot can either be maintained by you or can be maintained by Team GGF at a pre determined rate.There by purchasing peace at a nominal cost.
Swimming Pool -Treated water will be pumped into the swimming pool through the common bore-well. Cleaning and maintaining is again a choice.
Security- Security is provided by Team GGF. And the cost will be covered in the monthly minimum maintenance charges.
Power- The maintenance of common landscaped areas and street lights will have to be shared by the residents which will also cover your water usage charges. The bore well will be fitted with a separate meter and the total consumption charges will be divided by all the residents.
7. What about appreciation?
Due to the proximity of the Villas to the International Airport the property in and around it is appreciating at about thirty percent. We will leave it your imagination as to the land appreciation with all the amenities that we are going to provide you with.
8. Can I sell it to somebody?
The answer is a big NO. Because we do not want land sharks and real estate speculators to spoil our concept of reaching the maximum benefit to our valued customers. We are sure you would not like to part with a slice of Paradise but incase of genuine needs you can off course sell it after getting an NOC from the society office bearers.
9. Is there a lock-in-period?

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