Three kilo watts of power, with independent meters. Wiring will be concealed through conduits in walls, roofs and ground at the residence. Wirings will be concealed through cables in the ground for street lights, swimming pool and gardens.
Since the project is located in a village, the K.P.T.C.L. has planned load shedding for about five to six hours a day. But each house will be provided with a back-up generator of 1.5 kilo watts.

Gardens and Landscaping

We will provide with the following saplings and we are sure once they start yielding it will be worth the wait!
Fruit bearing Trees:-
Coconut tree s [10 nos.], Mango trees [10 nos. - 2 alphanso, 2 badam, 2 totapuri, 2 mallika, 2 ruspuri], Sapota [2 nos.], Guava [2 nos.],Pomegranate [2 nos.],Wild cherries [5 nos.] ,Cashews [2 nos.],Cloves [2 nos.] ,Jackfruit [2 nos.],Anjeer [2 nos.] ,Plantain/ Banana [10 nos.]

Flowering [6 nos. (6 types)], Strawberry [2 nos.], Beetle leaves [2 nos.], Ivy [2 nos.]

Commercial Wood plants-
Teak [2 nos.], Rose [2 nos.]Sandalwood [2 nos.],Silver oak [2 nos.],Honne [2 nos.],Matthi [2 Nos.],Neem [2 nos.],Palm trees [2 nos.],Bamboo [2 nos.]

Flowering plants-
Gulmohar [2 nos.] Flowering trees [yellow-2, pink-2, purple-2], Honge, Jasmine, Champa

Along with the flower beds mentioned above, flower saplings will be used for the all round beautification of the Farm-House. Mexican lawn will be used liberally to landscape the gardens.

Kitchen Garden-
The kitchen garden will have seasonal vegetables and will be planned according to the suitability of the crop.

Designer Fountain will be provided in each Villa and will be strategically located at the centre of a lush green beautiful lawn garden. Imagine having a hot cup of Coffee or Tea by the side of the laughing water! It’s just heaven on earth.

All the above come to you as a package deal and will not cost you a paisa more than what is all inclusive offer prices for the Villas.

Round the clock security will be provided by GGF.At the Main Entrance Gate, security cameras will be installed and will have live telecast in a particular channel on your TV. In case of visitors, their photos will be transmitted live in the T.V. The visitors will be allowed only after the resident gives permission over the intercom. Apart from the above steps, beat police of this jurisdiction will visit and sign the beat book daily at night times.

Food and Provisions-
In case you are not in the mood to cook, don’t worry, all you need to do is just place an order at the main GGF office 24 hours before and the food will be provided at your doorsteps. The menu is basically vegetarian and has South and North Indian cuisine along with Continental and Chinese food (Off course vegetarian portion of the Chinese cuisine).
Do you want fresh milk? You just need to pick up your intercom, you can get farm fresh milk in the morning and evening as GGF has cows and buffaloes. Since the farm houses are located in between vegetable growing fields, it is needles to say that farm fresh vegetables are available in abundance. You can grow some and cook some and sell the rest of it to us at GGF as we will need it for our weekend restaurant. It’s like having the cake and eating it too!
If you are in mood to cook Gourmet Meal and need provisions, Food World is about 15 kms away from the farm house. Either you can pick it up on your way to the farm house or you can give us your shopping list and it will be our pleasures to home deliver your provisions. How’s that for service?

Future Plans-
The farm houses are exclusive and not more than 40 villas will be constructed. After the completion of these farm houses, GGF has plans to start Ayurvedic Health Spa which will cater to the physical and spiritual health needs of the residents.

The ‘Ayurvedic Health Spa’ will have all the modern equipments for its gym. Panchakarma and other allied activities to rejuvenate the tired body and soul will be provided by well trained Ayurvedic Doctors and Yoga Masters. This place will have jogging track, tennis court and indoor activities like table tennis, shuttle badminton and a cozy corner for indoor games.
The Ayurvedic Health Spa will have meditation centre where lectures on all walks of life will be conducted by experts on the concerned topics with Universal connotation. As we at GGF believe in the philosophy of Universal Brotherhood. Meditation Techniques will also be conducted here which helps in getting the zest back in life.

In due course of time we plan to open a weekend carnival wherein all the residents and guests can have a gala time with food courts, four D theatre and a funplex with all modern gadgets.
For the elite Book worms we plan to have a library wherein we plan to stock all the news papers and Magazines apart from the latest book releases. Who knows? We may even have books being released from our Library! Needless to mention that it will have a high speed WIFI internet connection in case you are in moods to connect to the modern world. We at Team GGf have an inspiring slogan ~ ‘Sky is not the limit’. To continue dreaming… how about a large LCD TV screen wherein Live telecast of Cricket match can be watched exclusively by the Boys at heart? With hot food being served by the pool side restaurant? We know… we know the girls can also join the fun!

Apart from the above we at GGF also plan to have a sky dome which will have ultra modern telescope for gazing the stars at night! With our experience we assure you that you while gazing at the clear night sky, you are at a vantage point, as we are ideally located away from the city commercial hub which generally scatters the night sky light and hinders the clarity of the the sky and its horizon.
If You have any other ideas to add to our dreams you are welcome.we promise you that we will give it due consideration,and if it gels with our overall idea we will certainly bring it to the third dimension.


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